Justice for Vets announces eight free, online modules designed to help veteran mentors better recognize and be aware of how trauma impacts their experience.

Trauma is central to many of the issues the men and women participating in veterans treatment courts face. Veterans treatment court staff and volunteer veteran mentors must have a basic understanding of trauma and how it can adversely affect veterans. But in order to effectively guide participants on a path to healing, you must have more than just information; you must also be trained in the practical skills required to effectively listen to, talk with, and support veterans with trauma.

Justice For Vets provides a free, online education series on trauma awareness for all veterans treatment court team members and veteran mentors. Developed in partnership with PsychArmor Institute, these modules cover a range of critical issues related to trauma—such as PTSD myths and facts, traumatic brain injury, resilience in the military, and understanding suicide—and impart the skills necessary to address them.

For access to the modules, CLICK HERE.