The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) recently made available presentations from ‘Wisconsin’s Opioid Crisis: A Trauma-Informed Response.’ The program was held April 2-3, 2019 in Green Bay, and focused on the role of trauma in the misuse and abuse of opiods. It was attended by more than 400 professionals from around the state.

The following topics and speakers from the presentation can be found on the DHS website:

  • Remarks from Paul Krupski, Wisconsin Department of Health Services
  • Trauma-informed courtroom care for parents with AODA treatment needs (Honorable Rev. Everett D. Mitchell, M.Div., Th.M., J.D.)
  • Human trafficking, trauma, and opioids (S. Michele Cohen, Ph.D., MA, LPC, LCPC; Thelma Newby, Ph.D., Debbie Lassiter, D.Div)
  • The brain chemistry of addiction and trauma: Intricate links (Carol Ackley)
  • Remarks from Scott Webb, Wisconsin Department of Health Services
  • ACEs and the war on drugs: Prevention and recovery (Mishka Terplan, M.D.)
  • Gender and the opioid crisis: Appropriate public health response (Mishka Terplan, M.D.)
  • ​Stories from the field and next steps
  • A trauma-informed journey: The Waupaca Story
  • Past the paint on the walls: Walworth County
  • Panel discussion: Next steps

To view the presentations, visit the DHS website.